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Beer battered fries, 
 tomato sauce (v) $9.5

Schezuan spiced fries,
 relish mayo (v) $10
Blue cheese and fig compote tart,
radicchio salad, sherry vinegar (v)  $14
Pea and haloumi croquettes,
aioli, micro herbs (v) $13
Capsicum and beetroot dip,
warm turkish bread $13
Lemon salt and pepper squid,
dusted in semolina, garlic mayo, fresh lime (gf avail) $14.5 main $21.5
Pan fried prawn and ginger dumplings,
soy, sesame seeds $15
Chicken yakitori skewers,
mushroom, spring onion, soy and saki sauce (gf) $14
Buttermilk fired chicken,
chipotle mayo, herb salad $14
Duck spring rolls
hoisin dipping sauce $15
Pulled lamb sliders
spinach, onion, mint labneh $15
Cured meat and cheese platter
cured meats, brie, grilled artichokes, grapes, quince paste, lavosh $22


Red quinoa salad
rocket, shaved apple, sweet potato, fennel, mixed seeds, lime dressing (v/vegan/gf) $17 chicken +$4
Smoked salmon salad
chargrilled watermelon, spanish onion, heirloom cherry tomatoes, shaved fennel (gf) $20
Moroccan chicken salad
onion, corn kernels, roast sweet potato, capsicum, almond flakes, lemon dressing (v/gf) $19


Mini cheeseburgers, fries $9
House made chicken nuggets, fries $9
Grilled chicken & veggies $9 (gf)
Spaghetti bolognese $9
Vanilla dixie cup icecream
sprinkles, chocolate sauce $4


Lemon zest and parsley linguini
broccoli, heirloom cherry tomatoes, spinach, chilli, garlic, olive oil, parmesan (v) $25
Roast vegetable lasagne
garden salad (v) $22
King prawn risotto
onion, garlic, chilli, zucchini, capsicum, saffron thread, parmesan (gf) $27
Beer battered fish and chips
italian coleslaw, dill aioli, lemon $25
Chicken parma
salad, fries $23.5
Stuffed chicken breast
stuffing: semi dried tomatoes, garlic, pine nuts, spinach, feta, rosti, green beans, pomegranate, thyme butter (gf) $30
Singapore noodles
prawns, pork, egg, bok choy, chilli, carrot, corriander (gf) $26
Slow roast pork belly
white bean puree, nashi pear, hazelnut and watercress salad (gf) $30
Railway beef burger
tomato, lettuce, bacon, onion, cheese, mayo, fries $21.5
Steak sandwich
bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, egg, fries $21
Grilled lamb cutlets
polenta chips, seasonal greens, pomegranate seeds, mint gravy (gf) $32
Spiced lamb tagine
raisin and almond fragola, mint labneh $28


 Stockman valley grass fed scotch fillet 350 gm (gf) $39
Cape grim rib eye 400 gm (gf) $42
Flinders island grain fed eye fillet 250 gm (gf) $39.5
Asparagus & green beans wrapped in prosciutto, rosemary chat potatoes ~ choice of: garlic butter, mustard, mushroom sauce, pepper sauce (all gf)


Seasonal vegetables, garlic butter $9
Potato mash (gf) $6
Garlic and herb bread $9